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Originally Posted by AlmostTrick View Post
So you registered on BF 12 years ago but haven't ridden hardly at all since then?
When I registered it was with a view to restoring / altering one of the steel frames that I owned from the 1970s so that I could resume riding. That didn't really work out very well and then major health issues sidelined any thoughts of cycling for most of 10 years.

Originally Posted by AlmostTrick View Post
Not everyone ends up liking drop bars, no matter how much they try or how much drop bar devotees tell them how magical they are. Try out some hybrids and see if they work for you.
It's very likely, in hindsight, that I was still attached to drop bars from cycling 40 years ago when all we knew was that style.

Originally Posted by AlmostTrick View Post
EDIT: but unless you are strapped for cash, there's no reason to rush and sell the road bike.
I'm not flush with funds - but I am serious enough about regaining strength and stamina (and good health) that I'll make the investment if I think it will work. I'm looking at hybrids in the $700-900 range, might go $1000 for something that really speaks to me.

Side question: why are bikes these days so relatively dull looking? I don't want flash, I don't want a lot of graphics, etc but holy heck there seems to be an ocean of semi-flat black, anthracite, charcoal, etc, etc out there in bike shops at the moment!
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