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Originally Posted by Noddy View Post
So a few years ago I bought a new road bike after much research and thought. Forty years away from cycling.
Bought a Felt Z85, really like the look of it and it seemed like it was well specced and a good value.

Fast forward a couple of years - I almost never ride it, I can't seem to build any confidence, the front end is nervous and twitchy - more so than the old school bikes I am used to. My hands go numb so the most I ride is about 10 miles even with experiments in rolling the bars back a bit and constantly changing from top of bars to hoods, etc. Also worth noting that I wear 3 zone progressive lenses and they force an awkward position of head and neck.

Friend with a hybrid (who rides rail trails) says I made a mistake and should have bought a hybrid.

Shop where I bought it wants to put a shorter stem and maybe a riser on it at a cost including a fitting, parts and labor of perhaps as much as $150.

I thought about putting flat bars on it but that's so expensive it is out of the question.
I'm leaning towards putting the Z85 up on hooks and buying a hybrid to see if I'll be more comfortable and actually ride it.
Am I right in thinking that the Z85, despite being an "endurance" frame with a bit of comfort built-in, is never going to allow me the more upright position I think I need?
Should I hang on to it in the hopes of getting stronger on a hybrid and possibly returning to the road bike later? LBS says don't be attached to a bike that you are not riding - sell it and buy something you will ride. Of course, he wants to be the one to sell me that new hybrid. Unfortunately for him (and I'd love to support him if I'm buying a new bike) he doesn't have the models I want to look at in his inventory.
Finding that a LOT - been to 4 local shops and they don't have the models I want to see/ride even 'though they carry the brand.
Thanks for reading this far if you are still with me. LOL
How about installing a riser drop bar? I know there is some expense for a new bar, and maybe some new bar tape, but still a lot cheaper than a new bike. I found this awhile ago, but don't know anyone who has actually used this bar.
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