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When it comes to exceeding the 62" maximum baggage dimension for airline travel, I have a few ideas. These come from experience traveling with folders inside the Samsonite Oyster and Carlton cases (both are < 62" total) and my Samsonite F'lite (> 62" total).

1. Don't even think about exceeding the maximum weight limit for baggage on your flight, typically 50 lb. suitcase + contents for international travel. Because once you do, every airline agent I've ever seen whips out the tape measure and checks for oversize so additional charges can be levied. If you're not over the weight limit, less chance you'll be checked for dimension, especially if the suitcase doesn't look oversize.

2. Who you approach at the ticket counter and how busy they are also factor in. If the agents are swamped, less chance of being measured. I've yet to encounter an airline agent who neglected to weigh a bag - seems everyone does - but many skip the tape measure if it's a close call.

I've actually waited for the airline agents to become busier before I approach. Weird, I know.

3. Never, ever, ever admit you have a bicycle in your suitcase. When asked, make up whatever you feel is appropriate to the moment. Bicycle parts. Wheelchair parts. Medical assist devices. Once you admit it's a bicycle, you can be socked with the full bicycle carriage fee even if it's in a standard suitcase.
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