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I went to the bike shop, they had one set left so I took that, said he would have more by Wed. I put them in the older bike, took it for a test run, nice and smooth. The other bike (blue) is brand new.

In each bike both bearings on the crank side blew out. The older bike was due to usage. I will say I did get a good 800 miles out of those bearings and honestly I think I have been riding it with a dislodged bearing for awhile.

The new bike I think I screwed it up when I took it apart to grease it. I think within that process of taking it apart and back together I might have misaligned abit...maybe I didnt tighten enough before a the test ride....cause that one was bent up missing 5 of the 9 bearings....

So as it stands the older cruiser now has a new set and the new one has one original new bearing and the good one from the older bike until I get the next set.

And I am going to get a whole set, like you said not expensive. My only question is how do I get the cup off is their a special tool?? turns clockwise to loosen??? never did that

thanks for your help
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