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I've never had a saddle that I disliked initially "become" comfortable over time. It's either comfortable initially or it's not.

One of the most important factors in fit is figuring out the width of your sitbones. This will help you determine the proper width for your saddle.

I found anything under 140 to be too narrow. 155 too wide--not horribly so but I find it interferes with my pedaling efficiency slightly. I can work with saddles in the 140-145 range. At that point, you want to find out if your anatomy agrees with cutout saddles or not. I can work with both.

Oddly, certain brands just don't work for me and it's not absolutely clear why, even if the saddle width is fine. Sometimes the raised stitching is an irritation or the saddle foam is too soft or hard. Sharp 90 degree angles like on wtb are disagreeable to me.

I went through maybe 10 saddles until I found one which fit properly. Obviously they've gone on every bike and I have backups. You never know.

You might get lucky and find the right saddle within your first few tries. I was not so fortunate but I'm glad I found the right saddle eventually. I just don't think about the saddle at all now, which I consider to be a major luxury.
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