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When you're a new rider you need a few hundred miles in the saddle to toughen up the flesh covering your sitbones. There's sitbone pain and then there's "crotch" pain. The sitbone pain should go away after awhile. If it hurts your crotch you need to adjust the tilt. If the nose is too low you'll slide off the front and if it's too high it will hurt your crotch. You have to adjust it in tiny increments until you find the right balance. I can get comfortable on almost any saddle as long as it's not super narrow. For most my tilt has the nose about one degree above level. Very, very tiny adjustments make a big difference in feel.

Whatever you do, do not listen to the people who tell you to just buy a new saddle. They've probably blown a lot of money themselves because they don't know how to adjust it properly.
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