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I think that enough discomfort to report on it here after only 12 miles of riding is quite a lot. As the other posters have hinted, there are 3 factors for you to juggle:

1. Your cycling background. If you haven't ridden very much up to this point, just riding will improve your comfort by quite a lot. My rule of thumb is the first 100 miles of cycling should yield progressively less discomfort.

2. The saddle position on the bike and your position on the saddle. If you haven't done this already, find an experienced cyclist to look at your position on the bike. Saddle height, front-to-back position, and horizontal position can all have a huge effect on your comfort. Since you are hurting this bad, I suspect that you've got a problem here. Even the worst saddle shouldn't feel this bad after only 12 miles. I wouldn't be too quick to replace your saddle until you are sure that your saddle position is right. The best saddle won't feel good if it's position is uncomfortable.

3. Finally there's the saddle itself. Unfortunately this can be an expensive game of hunt and pick. There's lots of different saddles, including some seriously weird ones, because there is a body of cyclists who love and swear by every design. Think about where you hurt and try to find a saddle that you think will minimize that pain. My one bit of advice is not to be too quick to exclude relatively hard and narrow saddles. When everything else is right, one like that might well deliver all day comfort.

Good luck!
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