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First make sure you adjusted it well. try a bit.
google for saddle fitting if it approximately fits you at all. If the saddle in theory is OK, you may try a few more miles to see if you get used to it. But don't torture yourself.

I'm re-newed to biking and my new bike came with one of the skinny saddles with a hole in the middle. After a total of 50 miles (over 2 rides) I felt like I spent a year in prison... couldn't even sit on anything other than a couch. I observed myself standing on one paddle while coasting just to not have to sit on the bike. Next day even a short ride hurt me. i tried to move the saddle forth and back, made it level, all the advice from above article. nothing helped.
I then installed my old Schwinn Walmart saddle that looks like I have a fat a$@ and it is pretty comfortable. Maybe once i have a few hundred more miles under my belt I try that "fancy"saddle again. But I didn't see a reason to torture myself (riding is about enjoying....). Maybe I research later more what expensive saddle is better, but I feel without getting myself in shape and used to riding i shouldn't waste money on saddles since they are so unique to a body.

How you ride also matters. If you are a racer, your legs will push you up and you don't "sit" that much. If you are a relaxed rider, you put more weight on your saddle, so that will make a difference.

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