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Originally Posted by speshelite View Post
I've never had a saddle that I disliked initially "become" comfortable over time. It's either comfortable initially or it's not.
True, but someone new may not realize the difference between pain caused by the saddle and pain caused by simply being out of shape.

Every spring, my bottom is sore for the first week or two of riding, even on saddles that are now back to being comfortable. The bottom can take a bit to get (re)acclimated.

Originally Posted by Wileyrat View Post
Last new bike I bought, my wife told me I'd hate the saddle, she was right.

I made it 90 miles over two rides before I threw in the towel and replaced it with my favorite.
On the contrary, I've had two saddles on two bikes I bought I was going to toss out immediately before riding, and a year or two later both are still on the bikes they came on.

Originally Posted by brianmcg123 View Post
Stock saddles on almost all bikes are terrible. Before even riding a new bike, the first thing I do is change the saddle.
My favorite ever saddle came on a lower end MTB from Dick's Sporting Goods. Trying to figure out how to recover it right now, because I don't want to get rid of it and I certainly can't replace it. Saddles are subjective, there is no guarantee that an expensive one is going to be any better for my bottom than a cheap one. My current favorites that I can actually obtain are solidly middle end, nothing too fancy.
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