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Originally Posted by rgconner View Post
If you are just restarting, could take 3 to 4 weeks of rides, or about 10 to 12 rides to get used to the saddle. If you are not seeing a steady increase in milage before you start feeling it, then you got a problem.

Definitely have to build some muscle as a (fellow) Clyde and that can only be done one way: Ride.
3 or 4 weeks is quite some time, but it depends on how much you're riding the bike. Half that?

But, I agree, go on a few rides, and it should progressively be better at the end of the ride.

As long as you aren't actually physically hurting yourself (saddle sores?), then the time on the bike won't be wasted. It still may take some time to get used to the next saddle, but you won't be starting from zero.

I'll ride just about any saddle from hard as concrete carbon fiber to some vintage saddles. I do have one that is a little more rounded on top that I've decided isn't right, but the bike it is on doesn't get a lot of miles.

Most of my riding isn't with padded shorts, although I do now have a couple of pairs that I'll take out from time to time. Street clothes are fine for 99% of the population.
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