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Originally Posted by speshelite View Post
Being out of shape does not cause saddle pain. An ill fitting saddle causes saddle pain.

I don't get a sore bottom after winter; this is because my saddle fits me properly and so do my bikes. Cycling should not and does not cause pain, assuming you have a proper bike and saddle fit and you are not suffering from a previous injury.
It has never been my experience, in any sport, that after not doing something for months there isn't even the slightest bit of a reacclimation period. I'll go through the exact same thing when I haven't played hockey over the summer come September: the feet are going to be sore the first skate or three, then they'll be back to normal and happy. I spent a lot more money on the skates to make sure I got it right than I probably ever will find a bike saddle selling for, it is not a matte of having the wrong ones.

It is not the saddle causing pain. It is the lack of conditioning. It's even the first thing mentioned on the Sheldon Brown page on saddles: https://www.sheldonbrown.com/saddles.html
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