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Bikes: Specialized Roll Low Entry - 2018

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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post

But as a head start on the concept, you basically can make the bike go forward by pushing hard on the pedals, or by pushing lightly and turning them more quickly. The first one uses leg strength and the second one doesn't, it uses cardiovascular fitness instead. Your shifters let you move the burden from your legs to your lungs, or vice versa. When you go down a hill, you'll want to shift into a gear that lets you push harder because you won't be able to turn them any faster; when you go up a hill you'll want to do the opposite and shift away from leg strength because the hill will require enough of that already. But go out and try it because it's easier to remember from experience than from something you read online.
Brilliant explanation! Thanks a lot. You've probably saved me a lot of frustration trying to figure out those dials.
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