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Bikes: imagineering a new adventure rig !

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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
Well.. not really.

To make carbon fiber you take one form of sequestered carbon (oil product) and turn it into another form of sequestered carbon (fiber). But along the way you need to process that oil to make the fiber via manufacturing and that generates a carbon footprint.
Depends where the energy to do that comes from. If it comes from a renewable source that carbon footprint is negligible.
Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post

Wood pellets are also a form of sequestered carbon (trees) but when you burn them you release that carbon into the atmosphere (CO2). That CO2 will eventually be sequestered again by plants via photosynthesis but you can't say using a wood stove is carbon neutral. Everytime you use it you are creating a (small) carbon footprint.
There is some carbon exchange between the wood and the atmosphere and then back into plant material again. It is not like you are taking million year old oil and suddenly releasing that stored carbon into the atmosphere.
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