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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
You are arguing matters of degrees again. And, I have said the degrees are small. Burn enough wood though and you would create a carbon footprint worth considering. We don't (consider it) because fossil fuels drive most of our infrastructure instead. Start clear cutting major biomass to heat, power industry, all vehicles etc... and burning it faster than it can be re sequestered and it would be a problem. Somewhere around the late Victorian era we got off that track and heavily dependent on fossil fuels (though coal was always around).
It would depend on the biomass being utilized. I have never seen a study suggesting that we clear cut forests as a major source of fuel for modern societies. However there are a number of herbaceous plants and trees that grow rapidly enough to be used for energy crops. Switch grass, elephant grass, kenaf, bamboo, flax, hemp, etc all grow very rapidly and can be harvested easily. Trees like poplar and willow grow fast enough to be an energy crop as well. Algae is another energy crop that grows well in areas where other crops may not be able to grow.

Some even grow fast enough...bamboo, kenaf and switchgrass, for example...that they sequester a fair amount of the excess from fossil fuels.

Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
In the 70's we had a chance to change with the oil embargo when alternative energy began to be explored and smaller import cars exploded on the N.A. scene. However, we collectively failed and reverted back once oil became available and cheap once more.
Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda. Some of us did and have. But people are lazy and North America is vast. Anyone who is posting here probably already has a lower carbon footprint than most 'Mericans. We don't need extra flogging just to prove our purity.

Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
But, again, I don't think twigs in a wood stove are a concern.
I certainly agree. Even a butane canister or two isn't much of a concern in the grand scheme of things. It's a literal drop in an ocean of air.
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