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There was an interesting thread a few months ago about the durability of carbon components under the rigours of touring. A touring bike may be thrown around by baggage handlers or banged against parking meters while being locked. Heaven forbid that the bike falls sideways when rider is clipped to the pedals, but it does happen. Touring bikes are subject to a lot of punishment, and can easily get nicked or scratched in ways that may weaken carbon fibre.

One person reported witnessing a catastrophic carbon fork failure during a mountain descent that resulted in face pudding. The idea that a carbon fork can collapse without warning worries me because my custom built touring bike has a carbon fork. I intend to continue riding it, but if I ever need to replace my bike, I will probably go for steel. (Or titanium, if I am unexpectedly rich!)

Most optimistically, I would suggest that there is no real consensus yet on whether carbon is suitable for major structural parts on a touring bike.
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