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Originally Posted by bikemig View Post
Solo stove is also a pretty clever wood burning stove and they sell an accessory alcohol stove as a back up.
The price on the alcohol burner is ridiculous, though. Take a good look at it, the search eBay for "alcohol stove" sort by price lowest first and you'll find plenty of the same concept under $15.

I just ordered pretty much he same Solo knockoff made by Lixada for about the same price, and IIRC, it comes with the alcohol burner. If not, I have a few different designs of soda can stoves I've made, which should also fit. The benefit overall is that you can carry ~3oz of alcohol and be well supplied to cook a few meals without wood, and can restock cheaply anywhere that carries yellow-bottle HEET fuel treatment, unlike butane canister stoves.

You can also use solid fuel like Esbit, trioxane, or even some firestarter blocks without the alcohol burner, but IMO, they're not as cheap, portable or easily replenished in rural areas as methanol.

Another tip; if you use the Stanley stainless 24oz cook kit, take advantage of the space inside the cups for a mini butane lighter and as many sugar packets as will fit. If you run across some wild edibles that make good tea, you'll be glad to not have to dig around for sugar. I was also able to fit a mini stove made from Red Bull cans and couple of e-cig juice bottles refilled with methanol in there, so I had fuel for at least one boil. Everything for wild bergamot or chamomile tea in one spot, so no need to unpack anything else.

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