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Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
I'm 53, live in a very hilly area (Santa Cruz mountains), and am in the late stages of recovering from a nasty ankle break. Currently I have an Ultegra 50/34T 11-speed crank and a 11-32T cassette (Di2, which was bundled with my hydraulic discs as the time). On some hills I could use a lower gear, and realized that replacing a 50T ring with a 46T ring would only entail losing the 50/11 combination, which I very seldom use. (50/12 = 46/11 0.01).

Has anyone here switched over to a 46/30T crank? I have a conventional BB shell, so I can't use BB30, and my Di2 system limits me to a double chain ring and a difference of 16T. My absolute ideal would be a drop-in replacement for my hollotech Shimano Ultegra 6800 crank.
I say why not? I did something similar with a mountain bike I had many years ago. Everybody is different, and I believe this actually made me faster even though I was turning the crank at a higher RPM. Everything and body has a sweet spot. Go for it and see how it works for you. If you don't like it, you can always either change it back, or try something different yet.
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