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Ok so I have my bike now, what else do I need?

I am completely broke right now, but I know I will need some accessories soon. For now I am just riding on a black top trail that is slightly over a mile long, so pretty much no matter what happens I can get my bike back to my jeep.

The biggest issues I have noticed so far are my feet/peddles. I have a top of the line pair of new balance running shoes, and I am starting to think they are not the greatest bike shoes. I have wide feet and I find myself constantly having to adjust my feet to keep them from rubbing on the crank. This has almost resulted in a crash twice already. Also I am using the middle of my feet to peddle with simply so they are centered on the pedals, I think its best to pedal with the balls of your feet IIRC. I have used toe clips in the past, but that was when I was not this big. At this weight I am too scared of falls to use to clips, I need my feet free in case I start to fall. Is there an economical solution or will I need to shell out some $$ for cycling shoes or different pedals?

Once I drop a few pounds and have better stamina, I want to start riding our local rail to trail. This will be much different in I could be 10+ miles from a town and even further from my jeep at any given time. My father only has a road bike so if I break down I would have to be able to fix the problem or walk/carry my bike a long ways alone. I know extra inner tubes, patch kits, air pump are essential. What else do I need to bring and how do most people carry what they need?

I think I will also need bike shorts, perhaps a jersey and some gloves. Those probably won't be cheap at my size lol.

Anything else I am forgetting?
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