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Lots of stuff can come in handy, and some more than others. Those of us who are follicly challenged can use a do-rag under our helmets in order to avoid looking like the aliens in They Live after the Sun has had its way through the vents.
You want a tube, and a patch kit in case you get more than one flat. Also, a frame pump with a foot peg and flexible hose has been far more satisfying than what I used to break stems with. That's just a technique thing, but it's awful nice to have a portable little floor pump wherever I ride.

I'm assuming you've already considered the standard stuff, though.

Something I hadn't considered until I was several club rides in... a spare tire in the car, if you're hauling your ride to a starting point.

A good quality water bottle or hydration pack shouldn't make your water taste funny, so it's false economy to buy cheap here.

While I'm invested in SPD on my better bikes, for the moment I'm rocking the flat pedals. The flared bottoms of running shoes are a problem, so you'll want something that doesn't have this feature. The idea of just going ahead with bicycle shoes is a good one. You don't have to pull out the insert until you're ready to screw in the cleats, so no rush on that part.

I used to think a bike computer was essential, but phone apps have gotten so good at this, I'd just go with a phone mount for the handlebars for a bit. You might still want a cyclocomputer, but this will do just fine until you feel like making that investment.

Socks. You'll want something that won't bunch up during a ride, wicks well... etc.
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