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Originally Posted by bigbiker1 View Post
Also, the main reason I am biking is to lose weight and lower the use of insulin and other diabetic meds. I have already reduced insulin intake by 80%, its remarkable how fast my metabolism changes when I start exercising. However I struggle with how much I should eat and when compared to my ride times. Today I ate really bad for lunch, ate a double cheeseburger. Bad choice I know, but its really the first really bad choice in a couple of weeks. Also I am NOT dieting, if I diet I end up with cravings so bad that I end up gorging. However I am doing my best to limit the junk I eat. I have one small sweet with my latte before bed instead of eating half a dozen cookies in one sitting like happens if I try to cut them out all together. I also eat a couple apples a day and carrots and hummus, string or sharp cheddar cheese and trail mix (that I make myself) for snacks. Anyway back to my point. Because I ate bad for lunch I did not want to eat anything before my ride, but I didn't get to ride until about 5 hours after I ate lunch. I did 5 miles fine but when I hit 5.75 miles I hit a brick wall, it was everything I could do to make it back to my Jeep. When I got there I almost fell when I tried to get off my bike, luckily I was close enough to my Jeep to grab on. I really don't think I rode near far enough to have bonked, I think it was low blood sugar. I felt better after eating a couple glucose tabs, from now on I will keep a few in my saddle pack. I am just really struggling to figure out what to eat. Its not as big of a deal right now because my rides are so short, but hopefully in a month or so they will increase a bit in length. Anybody know how I should begin to calculate what I should eat, or does it just have to be trial and error?
Don't beat yourself up over eating an occasional burger. I've learned while on my weight lost journey myself, that doing such things makes you feel like your punishing yourself. An occasional enjoyment of some foods are not as bad as you would think. It's worse when you punish yourself for 5 hours before your ride like you did and then bonk. I've also noticed that I tend to worry less about eating an occasional burger, when buying leaner cuts of meat and grilling it myself rather than buying it from a restaurant. I ALWAYS cook better than the restaurants and the food is so much more satisfying.
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