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Originally Posted by bigbiker1 View Post
Ok a few more questions. I went ahead and pulled some money from savings and I bought a helmet, do-rag (a nice one) and cycling shoes. The salesman took one look at me and said he highly doubted he had any shoes that would fit me, I wear 13 4E shoes. To his surprise he found a pair that were size 15 US equivalent and they are a bit tight, but I don't have to walk in them and they were not tight enough to hurt so I bought them. Very glad I did! On my ride today I didn't have to keep adjusting my feet and I could easily pedal with the balls of my feet without slipping. The shoes cost $125 but with the odd way they are sized and how big my feet are I didn't want to have to order online, it could end up in a vicious try and return cycle. Plus I am supporting my local LBS.

Anyway I have a problem. I always wear headphones when I workout, no matter if I am walking, jogging, lifting weights, riding my bike. Its not a negotiable situation, I HAVE to have that music or audio book playing when I work out in order to concentrate on something other than the exercise itself. Its how I force myself to do what does not come naturally to me, IE exercise. I actually look forward to that time mainly because I get to listen to a good book or some great music. I would quickly lose motivation to exercise without it. I am OCD and this is an essential coping mechanism for me. Obviously I can't wear my over the ear bluetooth headphones with a helmet. I know I really should wear one, if nothing else because I make my son wear one and I don't want him to see me go without. I need a solution for some kind of blutooth headphone I can wear with a helmet. Earbuds are not very comfortable, and I would be really afraid of losing one while biking. Also earbuds block out most of the sound around you, with my over the ear ones I can still hear all but the quietest sounds around me. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

Also, the main reason I am biking is to lose weight and lower the use of insulin and other diabetic meds. I have already reduced insulin intake by 80%, its remarkable how fast my metabolism changes when I start exercising. However I struggle with how much I should eat and when compared to my ride times. Today I ate really bad for lunch, ate a double cheeseburger. Bad choice I know, but its really the first really bad choice in a couple of weeks. Also I am NOT dieting, if I diet I end up with cravings so bad that I end up gorging. However I am doing my best to limit the junk I eat. I have one small sweet with my latte before bed instead of eating half a dozen cookies in one sitting like happens if I try to cut them out all together. I also eat a couple apples a day and carrots and hummus, string or sharp cheddar cheese and trail mix (that I make myself) for snacks. Anyway back to my point. Because I ate bad for lunch I did not want to eat anything before my ride, but I didn't get to ride until about 5 hours after I ate lunch. I did 5 miles fine but when I hit 5.75 miles I hit a brick wall, it was everything I could do to make it back to my Jeep. When I got there I almost fell when I tried to get off my bike, luckily I was close enough to my Jeep to grab on. I really don't think I rode near far enough to have bonked, I think it was low blood sugar. I felt better after eating a couple glucose tabs, from now on I will keep a few in my saddle pack. I am just really struggling to figure out what to eat. Its not as big of a deal right now because my rides are so short, but hopefully in a month or so they will increase a bit in length. Anybody know how I should begin to calculate what I should eat, or does it just have to be trial and error?
Uh, maybe you should consider some other activity. Seriously. You are exposed and need to rely on all your senses, but hearing especially to be aware of your surroundings, including cars, bikes, joggers, and animals. Save the headphones for the gym.
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