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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide a rundown of what potential mix n'match pitfalls are? Is it safe to say that mostly all Ch/Record/SR mech components are all interchangeable?
Broadly it breaks down like this:

Shifters and derialleurs

  • Pre 2015 11s components - All CH / RE / SR cross-compatible.
  • Athena is effectively stand-alone after MY2011.
  • Post 2015 11s components - All CH / re / SR cross-compatible (some special conditions will apply with Hydraulic (H11) FD / crankset compatibility).
  • Potenza is effectively stand-alone (some special conditions will apply with Hydraulic (HO) FD / crankset compatibility).
  • New Centaur 11s will be effectively stand-alone.
Cranksets, cables, brakes and chains.
All 11s is interchangeable, pre 2015 cranksets do not shift as well as post 2015 cranksets with 2015 and later lever / FDs systems. There will be some caveats with HO and H11 cranksets.


11s cassettes are all cross compatible *but* attention needs to be paid to some range restrictions -
  • 11-29 not suitable for pre 2015 RDs
  • 11-32 not suitable for pre 2015 RDs or post 2015 RDs without medium cage (will be available later in 2017 on CH / RE / SR H11-type RDs)
So it's not too intricate, really.

The differences in HO and H11 are that the chainring spacing is changed slightly as is the chainline, to accommodate the different placement of the cassette relative to the frame in a 135 / 142 mm back end. Hence a different throw on the FD and different cable recovery in the levers are required. Post 2015 FDs already have the extra throw engineered in, the cable recovery is dealt with automatically in the HO and H11 levers - at this stage we do not recommend use of HO or H11 cranksets with non-hydraulic shifters.
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