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DeFaileurs ? WTH are they??? I just sold my last one. Good Riddance, Bon Debarras. Pffft
Impossible to clean, fix or use. Just yesterday I was watching a video of 3 randoneur race bikes in Quebec. One of them suddenly got chain suck. LOL Busted hangers?? NO thanks. More efficient ?? NOT
My Rohloff has 11,000 miles now, 4,200 pushing 120 lbs+ in SE Asia. Every morning just go find drinks and ride. Mostly 13.5 or 14 mph. 22 to 116 GI, Not Rohloff's fault so many want stupidly low gears. Only motor bikes were passing me. I passed them going downhill 38 mph. ha Mine is getting faster all the time, doing centuries at home. My bike weight almost 50/ 50. My White Ind AL chainrings suck tho, stupid things are 3/32", not 1/8". Still haven't touched the shifter, except for the slippery cover.

Yesterday I was puttering my 50 lb CCM SA 3 spd on a MUP behind 2 girls. Got to a steep MUP hill where they were in their second lowest gear and I had 50 GI. LOL Stayed with them all the way up.

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