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Please allow me to weigh in.

I've been considering the C17 to replace the SQlabs saddle I purchased for my ECR. I have a B17 that I swap around on a couple of bikes as I'm building and testing them, and that is currently on my ECR at this time. I went through the SQlabs sitbone-fitting process, and that saddle just never felt good, so back with the B17. I originally went with SQlabs because I got duped by their sales hype and their comfort claims. I wanted a non-leather saddle because I didn't want to fuss with it on The Divide. Now it looks like currently I'll be rolling with the B17, but my quest for the waterproof yet comfortable saddle for that bike continues.

Flat saddles seem to do well by me. I am of the opinion, that saddle-maker need to focus on cupping your arse rather than creating bumps for your sitbones to ride upon. Tourers want to ride in their saddles fixed and securely, and not feel like they have to precisely rest their bones upon two padded bumps in order for their rumps not to cry out in pain.

Look at wooden chairs for a moment. Would you rather sit on one that is completely flat, or sit on one that the chairmaker dished-out ever so slightly? Look at an old-timey tractor seat. Farmers rode on those for hours and hours and they were made of metal! Dished out. Cupped. Surely this is what we see when we look at a well broken-in leather saddle. You can see right where the two sitbones rest, and the appropriate amount of sag in the perineum area. Its not rocket science - you'd think that saddle makers would understand this.

If I had the money to invest in a business process, I'd custom-mold every saddle to the individual. I would have them put on a skin-tight pair of nitrile shorts, sit on a saddle-shaped lump of clay, then fire the clay and make a saddle mold from it.
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