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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
It's hard to say. I agree that there are too many variables.

I will say that I've recently been using big-ass gears, and appreciated it when following wheels into a 70kph sprint during T-Town's UCI races... in the enduro races...
Yeah, I think that touches on an upside use case. If you have someone breaking the air in front of you, you can roll like a freight train using a big gear.

But the down side is that it takes a lot of energy to get up to that cruising speed using big gears and it also takes a lot of energy to be on the front of that train while using big gears.

Personally, I consider big gears somewhat of a gamble in match sprints and mass start races. We can easily think of the situation where in a match sprint, a leading rider (riding a normal gear) corals a trailing rider and keeps him/her from "winding up" the big gear, then when the end is close enough, launch into a all-out sprint and leave the big gear rider to suffer trying to get the bike rolling.

In mass start races, a big gear can be detrimental when there are lots of speed changes because it takes that much energy to speed it up and slow it down.
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