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Originally Posted by Godsight View Post
Eddy Dawkins, Theo Bos, Denis Dmitriev, Matthijs Buchli and IIRC also Shane Perkins are all aboard the Big gear hype train. Theo Bos even posted a video of him training standing starts in Japan with a custom setup of 58x10.

The pursuit has also seen a rise in gear inches since the acceleration part is minimal in that event.

Elimination and tempo are just suicide with big gears but I could see myself running big gear in a scratch or a points race if I know the average speed will be high (and that i can hold/lead the pack at that speed)
Yeah, I know of several examples of people doing it.

The $64,000 Question is: Are they faster because of it?

And do those gains "trickle down" to us local racers like the gains from using narrow handlebars?
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