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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Yeah, I know of several examples of people doing it.

The $64,000 Question is: Are they faster because of it?

And do those gains "trickle down" to us local racers like the gains from using narrow handlebars?
The Ttown Men's 200m track record was broken three times this past Saturday: 1) Hugo Barrette - 10.208, 2) Stefan Ritter - 10.179, and 3) Eddie Dawkins - 10.141 seconds. The Women's record was also broken by Kate O'Brien - 11.235. Maybe the big gears are working. I was a back-up timer on the judges stand and I didn't believe my timings at first.

As far as big gears are concerned, I have found if the field is faster than me (fast tempo riders), big gears help me to keep up. If I'm competitive, then smaller gears allow me to be more responsive to the jumps.
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