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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
The $64,000 Question is: Are they faster because of it? YES

And do those gains "trickle down" to us local racers like the gains from using narrow handlebars? DEFINITELY
Big gears are definitely far from a fad. The science is out there and the evidence is in your face if you care to open your eyes. BUT you can't approach it like you can expect to ride 90" week in and week out, go out and throw on 60/12 nad expect to be breaking PBs. Harnessing the power/speed takes time if you're willing to put the effort in.

For my own hypothetical musings, I feel the acceptance of big gears has given the non genetically gifted riders (those that just can't ride a 90" to 10.5s and never will) the ability to be comfortable with gears that allow them to harness their strength at lower rpm. Being surrounded by old school spin to win broken records had me stagnant on a 12.5 F200. Moving to bigger gears had me drop to 12.0 and weight loss last season saw that drop even more to 11.8. Who knows where next season will lead?

I also muse what speeds and times could have been back in the great old days of juiced up, jacked up riders if they had had the balls to ride a 110, or even 135".
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