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Modern Steel Wheels

Yes, rust, heavier, etc. are among the minuses for steel wheels; but I just purchased a new steel rear wheel; I don't know if technology has gotten better but it didn't seem to weigh that much and seems very strong.

Then compare the price, this one only set me back $25; really cheap for a 27" wheel. Often, if one buys aluminum for that additional weight savings, maybe they way 1/4 of what a steel wheel weighs, it will cost 3 times as much. But I'm not sure if that ratio applies to the modern steel wheels.

Spokes as strong as can be.

Often steel wheels are spoken about as if avoid like the plague; yet, I've still got a few '70s vintage steel wheels and they are not all filled with rust and they've been through quite a bit of weather. Also, in many cases, as we know, some foil will get rid of the rust.

I'm not even sure of the brand of this wheel; it seems rather generic. Could post a photo but as we know, a wheel is a wheel and steel is steel, you can pluck those spokes like harp strings, not that they give back some heavenly ping.


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