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Originally Posted by bitingduck View Post
That's how the big races were here in LA when I was still racing -- things like Elite nats and the nats qualifier, and sometimes elite states. When they still had qualifiers to get into nats, we scheduled ours to be almost the last and people would show up from all over and it would be as fast as nats. Those are the kind of fields where the race is really fast, except when it's even faster, and I'd just put on a big gear and not worry.
It's funny that you mention that. In 2010, I'd watched Dan Holt (road pro) race at DLV all season. We were at Elite Nationals and sharing a pit. He put on the biggest gear he had for the points race qualification and qualified...and promptly came off the track saying that he was spinning out.

He asked around to everyone until he could cobble together the biggest chainring and smallest cog he could find to ride the finals...which he won by lapping the field
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