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We have a serial number! And now, I'm really confused.

4719028. Or, maybe 4719828. That fifth digit isn't absolutely clear.

Just the same, I immediately hit The Headbadge and come up with . . . . . . it's clearly a 1969 bike. Go over to Raleigh's 1969 catalog. Record, Gran Prix, Super Course. Just what I remember selling a couple of year's later at A.R. Adams Cycle. It definitely dovetails with 3speedslow's reference on the GB brakes.

But those derailleurs are throwing me off. Was Simplex still using white plastic levers in the late 60's, and then suddenly changed over to the stamped metal reinforced black ones in time for the 1971? And that rear derailleur with the open pivot points looks more primitive than the 70's Prestige mechanisms I'm used to. And there's the matter of standard fenders, definitely passe in the US by that point.

Of course, I'm looking thru American catalogs.

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