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Originally Posted by Bicyclz View Post
I just came across your Royale thread & I happen to have a Raleigh Promo Passport style info leaflet for the Royale & Randonneur of the period.

May very well add to your knowledge of this very cool, top of the range, contemporary Raleigh Tourer.

If you check my website I have uploaded a scan of the salient pages.
I got problems with Photobucket just now (They telling me I use too many 3rd party links.....) & so I host this myself.

You most welcome to the actual Promo gratis if it interests you.
PM me.

You got a fine machine there.
I say treasure it: )
Totally different models. Your pics shows something much more modern. Also the the spelling difference. Royal versus Royale. Raleigh used the name(s) for several divergent models over a wide time span.
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