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For me...
1. Hydration - on bike and off, with and without electrolytes. Drink more than you think you need - but not so much that your urine stream is clear. Yellow is good. (ok.. gross, but necessary to know.)
2. 1 or 2 Peanut butter sandwiches for the carbs just before bedtime. YMMV but works wonders for me.
3. Stretch before the ride...on any stop break you take ... and after the ride. Stretching before bedtime might also help. 5 minutes total each time I stretch (back/calf stretches and ankle rotations) do it for me. I also do neck rotations while riding.
4. "On tour", when I was averaging 50-100 mile days, I was eating like a horse/pig (choose your favorite gluttonous animal). I like big breakfasts with lots of eggs and meat. Others can't stand riding on full stomachs or have digestive trouble while riding. I guess I'm lucky. I rarely start a ride with an energy deficit. Lunch is a small meal for me - at most a hamburger-sized meal. Supper tends to be big and carb-loaded. Faves are spaghetti, steak and 1 or 2 baked potatoes with all the stuff I can fit on top, and pizza. Basically, i figured I was eating 5000-6000 calories a day and burning it all each day. Nutrition-related recovery issues have occurred for me only once (lesson learned and that situation has never been repeated).

And as noted above, get some good sleep. If you have a post-ride hot shower/hot tub available each night, so much the better. Even a swim in a cold mountain stream or lake will refresh you more than you'd think it would.

Fwiw, right now, I'm averaging 150 miles during the week, 200km Saturday and/or 400km Sat/Sun as a ramp up/training for a 1200km in a couple months. Some say this is over-training but it's relevant to your question I think.
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