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Originally Posted by nlerner View Post
Cool--thanks! I assume I'd have to remove and replace the faceplate rivet to get to that spring, right? I remember you posting pics on how to do that, @BigChief? I also know Martin Hanczyc, the person whose posted a history of S-A 3-speed triggers, and he might have some insight.

Also, perhaps this is the US seller you were looking for?
YUP! That's him.
Yes, you have to drift out the pin that holds the cam plate. The other pin holds the pawl. Not necessary to remove this one unless you want to square up a bent case. Sometimes if the cam pin is tight, you will dimple the case in as you drift the pin out. Don't worry. The case is soft and easy to work. It's handy to have a rubber hammer and a 1/4" bar or piece of hardwood to use as an anvil to straighten up the case. The first time you reassemble, it is tricky to get the pin to line up with the holes under spring pressure. It's aggravating but you'll get it. It's one of those things you get the knack of after you rebuild a few.
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