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Originally Posted by Aahzz View Post
My progress has been way faster then I'd expected. I'm having a blast and getting fit at the same time . I see you're in NKY as well - where do you ride?
I do mostly cycle club type rides, all over the area. Ha, the KY side of the river is just about all hills! Even the so-called "flat routes" include lots of smaller rolling hills.

Have you tried Lunken and Armleder Park paths in Cincinnati? The Lunken Airport loop is about 5 miles, flat with one steep downhill if you go counterclockwise. The connector to Armleder is a 50 foot high moderate grade, uphill from Armleder to Lunken. Combining both can be 12-15 miles if you wander a lot of the loops in Armleder, a quiet and interesting prairie park, reclaimed from an old gravel operation.

Check out the interior of the cool Art Deco Lunken Terminal while you are there.

Longer distances:

The Little Miami Trail -- Go either direction from Milford, for example. Lots of shade in the summer. Not busy at all in the mid to late afternoon on weekends, quiet on weekdays. The little kids on training bikes and the dog walkers disappear a mile or two past the trail heads, and I just slow down when they are around.

Maybe 15 years ago, when I was just an occasional rider, a round trip on the Little Miami Trail from Milford to Loveland was a long, epic ride for me. It's 9 miles each way, and very scenic. The downtown Loveland bike park has water, restrooms, and nearby restaurants.

Here's someone's video, edited down and speeded up, from Loveland to Milford (at the 16:00 mark) and on to the old end of the trail at Newtown OH. It's now 3 miles longer, waiting for funding for a bridge over the river to connect to Lunken eventually.

I previously reviewed the most scenic sections of the Little Miami Trail in this post.

And this post includes a 25 mile route trip from Armleder Park, through Lunken, then on the painted bike lane on Riverside Drive to the interesting Cincinnati parks along the Ohio River downtown.

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