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I've done 2-24hour events, 1 self-supported the other sharing support with 3 other riders (their girlfriends/wives/kids).

Get some good sleep the night before the event. Many marathon runners swear by a big carbo-loaded supper the night before.

24hours self-supported is different than 24hours supported.

Either way -->> sunscreen, sunglasses, extra water bottles and gloves (half-fingered are fine) are musts.

If you have "dedicated support"/a friend, you're way ahead of the game in my opinion. But, support can be as simple as some other rider's support person watching your ice chest for you rather than having it in a car parked a bit away from the route/street/start area. Having someone else check over your bike so it's ready for the next lap (refill water bottles, check tire pressure, etc.) while you go off to answer nature's call is also great (unsupported this just takes twice the time). One other absolute benefit of "support people" is that they can "check you out" when they see you and help you assess your situation/encourage you through rough spots.

But self-supported 24hour rides can be made easier on you with a bit of forethought. Park as close as feasible/possible to the start/checkpoint area if you're going to support yourself out of the car. Ice chest should be covered/in the shade in the car if possible - leave your windows cracked if there's little possibility of rain (consider using a reflective space blanket - yeah, they work, ask me how I know). Pre-fill your extra water bottles so all you need to do is grab them to swap them out. Pre-package on-bike foodstuff grab bag(s) the same way - stop, get rid of the empties/trash, grab the replacements and off you go. No reason to stand around making a sandwich when they could have been pre-made. Leave heavy backup/specialty tools in the car; carry only what you need for emergencies (toolwise) on each loop (think flats and maybe a masterlink, something along that idea). Have spare sunglasses in the car.

The key is remembering that you aren't out there trying to kill yourself. You're there to raise money while having fun.

Enjoy. Good luck.
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