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I have ordered a set of 44-30 Sugino OX901D cranks for my Lynskey Cooper CX - HubJub in England have them for a less outrageous price as long as you are after 165mm, black, 44-30. I am tossing up whether to also install a Tanpan with a MTB derailleur or a Roadlink and keep my Ultegra 6800 derailleur. The plan is to use a 11-40 tooth cassette.

I am confused about the chainring tooth difference that works with an XT 8000 long cage derailleur - is it 10? I looked at the Shimano site and GS (short cage) is all I could find. The Jenson web site says that the long cage SGS is for a triple.

Does the MTB derailleur have any advantages over the Ultegra with a Roadlink?
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