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I dunno about the catalog, but there has been a fair amount of debate over what Tenax is.

A 1987 Bicycle Guide article on the Prelude stated, Tenax, used exclusively by Schwinn, is Columbus's production-grade version of its SL and SP professional series.

In Stan Cooper's question to Richard Schwinn, he said,

Questions about exactly what Tenax is keep popping up, and some say it's straight gauge while others say it's double-butted, and some say it's seamed while others say it's seamless.

Do you have any insight about it? I've assumed it's Cyclex like SL and SP, and that it is double-butted with butting profiles similar to SL and SP, but that's just a guess.

So if Richard Schwinn is correct - and if anyone would know what was going on at the Greenville factory, it would be him - not DB. But who knows.
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