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Hands down my favorite riding weekend of the year. I learn more in a 10 minute in-person discussion than I can gather in a week of perusing the forum (not complaining about the forum!). You guys and gals are amazing, and inspiring. I'm already thinking about what the next project is going to be - and I have much better ideas this week. My overriding design goal is always fitness for purpose, and since there is no more criterium racing in my future, I no longer need to build a tight geometry low slung Italian beauty with 120 gear inches.

I can tell you another thing, it also wont have a low gear inch of 47. We were lucky the weather was so cooperative otherwise I would not have accomplished 209km (actual distance, 10,500 feet of climbing) on a vintage bike. This week my body is telling me "You got away with one Saturday, don't try that again."

Thanks again for the camaraderie, the inspiration and the cycling joy that you all bring with you.
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