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Originally Posted by non-fixie View Post
Where is the serial number located? If on the lower head tube lug, it's a handmade bike from the Amsterdam shop, built by Willem van der Kaaij. In that case you've got a very nice machine on your hands. Read more about them here.

If it's on the BB shell, it's a bike built by Cové in Venlo. Still a nice bike, but nowhere near as collectible.
Serial number is on the lower head tube lug and reads 81 94

In regards to identification purposes, it has bocama long point lugs and it says Holland on the head badge. I did some reading on the RIH link you sent (thank you, btw!) and wondering if those things contradict one another as far as it being built by Wim Van Der Kaaij?

Also has a 60th anniversary sticker on the downtube which would put it as a 1981 if the company was founded in 1921

Thanks for any info!

I have some really good photos of it but i've been getting error messages for a week or so whenever I try to post on the forum which is strange because I've posted successfully many times before using the same method. If anyone could assist I can email them over.


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