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Thank you for the feedback

FBOATSB I can do a lot of my own wrenching. The last time I rode and worked on my bike the Internet was not around. I do enjoy working on stuff, so I won't mind doing it. I have a lot of tools from years ago.

jonc the guy just used it as a loaner. It was sitting with his bikes for sale that were safe a mechanically sound. If I decide to buy it, I will test ride and go over it.

tmh657 I hear you about putting time, money, and effort into a bike and be underwater on the value. I have passed on a few because of that reason. I just purchased a new truck so I really do not want the make a large investment in a bike. The local shops are high end. One has a $10,000 bike on display. I think it is on sale foe $8,000. I did not see any used bikes at that shop. The box stores have their bikes. I have one that was my son's that I will use for now.

Clang thank you for saying the price was not out of line. I do not know the value of bikes these days.
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