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Regardless riding modern or vintage, its a gem territory for roadies. Sure there's some minor issues, but only if one is to compare and critic among the years. Whatever the C&V clan decides I'm in.

These events don't have to be perfect every time but will say, noted the DD outfit and with its commanding fee has throttled back from prior years. Not complaining but its apparent compared to other years. Though the trade-off this year was absolutely stellar weather conditions!

>>BTW: To those not familiar with the event, iab promotes his Viva Cycling '''FREE''' for the vintage participants at the Dare. The DD does nothing to that portion but does provide a nice area indoor for the group. Its a great blend but could see perhaps the DD promoter post something on the official site and how to get involved with the vintage class. Had some tell me with trouble navigating and or how to get involved. A simple site link from the Dairyland Dare to Viva Cycling would help.<<

Anyways, I'm most appreciative to those planning and making it happen. The hospitality, great company with fellow enthusiast. Then here we are, to add the element by riding older bikes on an already challenging ride. Cheers
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