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Originally Posted by skidder View Post
I find it odd when I see a homeless person with a pet dog or cat. Really? They're homeless, trying to get by on minimal resources, and they take on the responsibility of caring for a pet, too? They should get rid of the pet and get their own life straightened out first.
Spend some time talking with homeless folks. Spend more time listening. Might change your perceptions.

Many pet owners regard it as a commitment as serious as having a child. Financial setbacks that lead to homelessness don't alter that commitment. If anything keeping a pet, rather than giving it up to a shelter where it's likely to be destroyed, demonstrates a level of commitment and responsibility lacking in some folks. Most of the homeless folks I've met who do have pets tend to be better adjusted mentally and socially.

From a purely pragmatic and even mercenary perspective, many passersby are more likely to donate food, including pet food, or money, to homeless folks and street people who have pets.

For people who aren't suffering from mental illnesses, physical disabilities or addictions, homelessness is often the result of a series of financial setbacks that would be regarded as minor to those who've had steady jobs for years, health insurance and savings. Many folks are a single paycheck and one financial setback away from being on the street, at least temporarily. Once that happens it's very difficult to recover.
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