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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
Here in SoCal, the only lights that will get you in trouble are flashing blue. By the letter of the law, rear facing lights may only be red on vehicles, but any light helps at night. So long as you're not pulsing a strobe as passing cars, cops won't have an issue with you trying to make yourself more visible in the dark.
Blue lights are pretty universal no-nos. However, a few years ago I had some riding that needed to be done in the drunk hours (10 PM-2AM), so I decided to take my chances with a citation and put on some flashing blue lights with hopes that the drunk drivers would avoid me. The drunks I encountered did avoid me, other motorists gave me more room than is normal and the few cops who saw me simply imitated Sgt Schultz and saw nothing.

One possible explanation for the leniency of our cops at that time might be that our small city police department had about twenty cops who were taking up cycling. Either there was a general feeling on the force that cycling is alright, or they might have thought I was a colleague who could legitimately roll blue lights. Sadly, our little cop cycling club disbanded after a short while, which was a real shame.
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