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Does a Giotto Cinelli count? It predates Cino Cinelli bikes and were only sold for less than 2 years in the 40's before Cino bought out his brother and set up his own manufacturing, marketing. sales company.

The cranks have the Giotto Cinelli knight on a horse, as does the head badge. It has a Cinelli headset ring. It has a Cinelli Firenze stem. The bike itself used to be in the Bartali museum in the province of Florence. It had been repainted rather poorly, so I tried to bring it back to its origin. I spent a few months talking to two old-timers who used to hang out in Giotto's shop back in the day to find out what the decals looked like. After getting a graphic designer friend of mine to make over 10 different variants, the two fellows agreed that it was close to what the original decals looked like. The frame is well executed and clean. It is quite lightweight given it's 70 years old.
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