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Originally Posted by recycledrider View Post
I loved how the Townie felt on my bottom and legs/knees, but felt like I was reaching out too far and wide to reach the handlebars.
There are plenty of handlebars, out there, with various amounts of rise and back sweep.

Such as ...

The downside to selecting a new bar sight-unseen is that you're guessing (a bit) on the position of the hands. But sitting on the bike in riding position you ought to get a fair idea of where the most comfortable spot for the hands is likely to be. (Won't quite be the same as under load, pedaling hard, but still better than nothing.) Try to measure from the center of the bar where the stem clamps down to where the hands sit ... both in terms of the rearward sweep (how far back from the clamp area), and the rise from the clamp area. Typically measured in millimeters, you can then narrow down which handlebar alternatives seem to match.

In my own case, for the position I typically ride with I find that anywhere from a 3-4" (75-100mm) rise seems to work best, depending on how far back the hands end up based on the sweep of the bars. Your measurements will differ based on your specific bike and preferred riding (hands) position.

Keep in mind that you can also alter the stem. There are stems with and without rise, as well as adjustable-height stems. Used in combination with bars you can end up with a very different feel and positioning for the hands.

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