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Ive never broken my Scaphoid but I am a PT and have treated a few. Unfortunately they are fairly common for cyclists because the mechanism of injury is almost always falling on your hand, a natural instinct when falling off a bike. Depending on age, can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to heal as an adult. Usually you are casted for this period of time.

The Scaphoid, unfortunately, is notorius for its high incidence of avascular necrosis, nonunions, and malunions. Fractures can compromise the blood supply and result in bone death. The risk of this decreases the more distally on the bone the fracture is, which is good news for you. Yours seems to be a fracture of the tubercle, which is pretty distal.

I'd advise seeing a hand specialist at some point, at least initially. They are typically OTs, but some PTs do specialize in the hand as well. They can definitely help you out when you are uncasted. You will be significantly stiff when the cast is removed and patients often complain of noticeable atrophy in the forearm.
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