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Originally Posted by blazin View Post
Bike change could be key to Worlds TT success |

Apparently, racers in the world championship time trial plan to change from a TT bike to a road bike due to the benefit the lighter bike will produce over just a 3 km climb. The estimate of that benefit quoted above strikes as much more significant than the small numbers people seem to cite here frequently. I'd be interested, since most of us don't have the luxury of mid-life bike swaps, to know what the difference would be riding the whole course on just a TT or just a road bike. I imagine TT would still come out on top?
The climb is about 300m. Assuming a weight penalty of 2kg that is a 2*9.82*300=5892J penalty. At 400w the it takes 5892/400=14.73s to deliver that energy, meaning the time penalty for riding the heavier bike is 14.73 seconds.
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