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I have a Bianchi Volpe which is advertised as a CX bike. I use it for everything, including fully loaded touring.

I have 2 road bikes that hardly ever get ridden, because I prefer to ride the Volpe. I also have 2 other nice touring bikes (Surly Long Haul Trucker and Cannondale T2) that only get used for special types of tours, because I prefer to use the Volpe.

My wife and I are currently going into the last week of a 6 week self supported tour, and I'm riding the Volpe

However, it is not a stock bike. The only original parts left of my 2007 bike are the stem, shifters, and bars; everything else including the frame, was replaced. The frame was replaced with a 2013 Bianchi frame. The fork was also replaced with one that has an uncut steerer tube, giving me a less aggressive riding position.

Having said all that, I did ride the original bike across the U.S. just the way it came out of the box, and it did a great job.

It fits like a glove, and the ride is excellent.

Some of the newer CX bikes are pretty specialized, but there are still a few around with eyelets for fenders and racks, and are comfortable to ride.

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