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Originally Posted by mcours2006 View Post
I love my helmet mounted mirror. I couldn't ride without it. If you do a lot of riding in traffic it's indispensable. I have more confidence to ride out further from the curb as I can see what's behind me. Consequently I get a lot fewer close passes. I can get into a left turn lane more easily as I scan the traffic from behind.
EXACTLY. You also have to consider for some reason a rider may not have the neck flexibility as they age or some other condition. There's only one way to find out, try a helmet mount mirror, heck their only a few bucks. It's something to find out for yourself like most things in cycling. And, I'd rather look like a "Fred" and be safer and alive. My racing days are long over and safety is the main concern. Yet another advantage is, you can tell by the angle a car is approaching from behind if he's headed straight towards you, or, following the curve. It may give you a split second advantage. My biggest worry is getting hit from behind.

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